Equal Youth

Equal Youth

The Equal Youth Development Partnership (DP) is financed by the EQUAL Community Initiative through the European Social Fund of the European Union.

The aim of the Equal Youth project is to bring together the main stakeholders in the provision of services to young early school leavers in two areas in Ireland. The DP is aiming to develop a model of interagency cooperation that will address the deficiencies in current services that discriminate against progression into training and employment for the target group. The project specifically targets those in the 16 to 24 year age bracket.

The project is operating in an urban (Ballymun) and a rural (Mayo) site and will focus on three distinct clusters of early school leavers:

  • young early school leavers who are currently unattached to any services;
  • young early school leavers who are attached to an agency providing education or training, and
  • young early school leavers who are job ready or already in low pay/skill employment.

The Development Partnership comprises of statutory agencies and community organisations at both local and national level in order that lessons learnt at local level can be translated efficiently and effectively into national policy.

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This page was updated on 1st October, 2007

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